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2009 is done and I just compiled a few stats on my Mountain Bike riding. I use a Polar s710 to keep track of all my rides - duration, mileage, climb, calories - and I record it on my computer both in the old Polar software as well as in a spreadsheet - I am a "data geek". So here is a summary of my year:

  • 151 days of riding
  • 248 hours of riding
  • 1,516 Miles
  • 232,735 feet of climbing

  • Speed: 6.9 MPH
  • Calorie / hour: 708
  • Miles per week: 31
  • Miles per ride: 10
  • Ride time per week: 5.1 hours
  • Ride duration: 1.5 hour
  • Climb per week: 4750'
  • Climb per ride: 1541'
  • Slope: 5.8 (*)

  • I have three bikes, a ML8 which I rode 75% of the miles - 1128 mile - and a RIP9 (with a DUC32 :thumbsup: ) which I rode 25% of the miles - 389 miles. I also have a WeyLess back in Europe that I use to ride when I am there on summer vacations.
  • My ML8 has a life time miles of approximately 4500, so it should break the 5000 miles mark sometime in the next few months.

That was a good year bike riding wise. I am looking forward to another year of good riding.

(*) the slope is calculated as ratio of vertical feet climbed to the half of the horizontal feet traveled (half because I assume 1/2 of the mileage is climbing, 1/2 is descending... approximation - and "horizontal" means the projection on the horizontal plane)


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That's awesome!

For some reason, my Garmin 705 resets the total mileage every time I plug it into a USB port to charge. I'm sure I was way below 600 miles, not including about 10 days freeriding which is over 100 miles.

This was my first year hitting the lift-assisted scene, and subsequently my XC mileage suffered dearly. A severe elbow injury suffered while freeriding kept me from riding for nearly a month in the middle of the summer too.

I'm ready for spring! Haha.

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my year was mixed, my riding far too irregular - that's what comes of living in munich :madman: - although considering that my riding is going more over to enduro style rather than distance, the following is not soooo bad ...

88 rides
257 hours
2625 km / 1630 miles
61300 m / 200000 ft climbed

highest altitude reached w/o lift-assist 2850 m / 9350 ft (with 9kg trans-alp backpack)

more or less all of it on the durance, although probably a good 15% of the meters climbed and perhaps 3% of the distance are lift-assisted.

i use my garmin 705 together with trailrunner on the mac to manage my riding stats and build regional trail gps networks - i should really be more community-minded and push everything over to OSM.


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ejfiii said:
I have been using Ascent and RubiTrack on the mac for GPS ride tracking and don't love either one. Just downloaded Trailrunner and will try it as well. Thanks for the tip!
Ascent is very much a ride cataloging and stats software - i like it but don't use it. i don't know anything about RubiTrack - it looks to be similar and also looks interesting, at least for fitness stats.

Trailrunner is much more oriented toward gps track management, track creation and building networks of tracks - you import your own tracks, create your own within TR, import those from others and it can even tie in to the maps AND tracks of the OSM database. for track network management with it's gps editing and manipulation functionality, i've not seen anything better - on any OS platform :thumbsup:

it does also provide ride cataloging and some stats, although for some this might not be enough.

beware - the learning curve for track management with TR is steep, but there is plenty of help available on the website or via the author. author response to issues is phenomenal and updates are frequent and incremental, so it pays to check regularly.

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