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It's brand spanking new and has served me so well. I'm hopping to get a bigger frame for it.
Sum throwback builds tht paid off I can't stop ridding them
Brand NEW, NEVER even sat on bike, Never filled tires with air
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Large frame, 19 Inch, added dropper seat
This bicycle is 4 speed having a sturmey arch multispeed hub for your convience. The low gear is for high torque cycling and the fourth gear is for high speed cycling. This bicycles or made on order, so your bicycle will have to be made after you buy it.
I was doing a regular 50 hour service but since the bike shops locally are so backed up I decided to try it myself. I read the service manual too quickly and i put 3wt in my lower legs instead of the 0w-t it calls for. Is this ok to ride or did i really m
I have a silver norco storm 1 2021. i needed help with my suspension system. i think its a spring system not air. I was in the mud and a lot of mud and dirt got on the suspension. then i think some of it went inside not sure. after that the suspension stopped working. i was wondering whats wrong...
XL Big Chief frame. Brand New. Never ridden. Includes Cane Creek headset (installed) and RaceFace Turbine crank and BB already installed.
On a trail building mission 2020
Current Trail Bike - Purchased New
Replaced my Enduro for trail riding
My first Brand New bike purchase - rode it for 12 years before selling it on.
My vacation motorcycle - used for touring and occasional commuting
One of my other 2-wheeled toys - I usually commute on this bike.
Riding with my little girl on her Mac-Ride
Putting in work.
1275mm WB 445mm CS 490mm reach 385mm seat tube 60.5 HA 82 STA (in mullet config, unsagged) Ride comments: the seat tube angle is fine, especially considering that I have a mid-foot pedaling position. The HA makes the bike steer like a DH bike, especially noticeable at low speed. Once rolling...