Clarks Fork Canyon River Trail - Trail, Cody, Wyoming

Clarks Fork Canyon River Trail - Trail, Cody, Wyoming


Very rough jeep trail going up the canyon. Very picturesque (follows the river all the way up the canyon) and no one around. Many side trails, some heading up to the canyon ridge (Morrisson Trail - brutal two mile climb), others leading to waterfalls and pools. The first two miles are hard going even on an long travel FS bike, not steep just really rocky. After that the trail switches between hard pack and sand. Multiple one-foot-soaking stream crossings. Never seen another bike on the trail (the first two miles probably discourage the casual rider) and most ATVs don't fo far into the canyon. Watch out for bears!


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[Jan 11, 2006]
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Directions to this trail: HYWY 120 north out of Cody for 29 miles to HYWY 292 (country store/gas sta/bar called "eidelwise" on your right, 292 starts on your left--west); 4 miles west on 292 (clark cemetary on your left) bear left on the paved hywy leading toward the canyon (visible ahead in the mountains) and continue another 8 miles (still HYWY 292) to the end of the pavement in the mouth of the canyon. Left off the pavement across a pipe cattle guard and along a barbed wire fence (on your left) toward the river (300 yards or so). The first trail on your right is extremely rocky--the next trail (nearer the river) is smoother. Inside the canyon approx 1/5 mile is a forest service boundry fence with a gate. The trail extends about 6 miles up the canyon beyond this gate along the river and is extremely rough and rocky or deep sand and ends at a rock cliff at rivers edge (when the river is low in mid to late summer and fall). Very few side trails--all but one is short (this is a very narrow canyon and with one exception it is impossible to take a bike up to the top and out of it on any trail). In fifty years I have seen only 2 black bears in this lower part of the canyon, and have never seen grizzlies although they have been seen, especially in the last few years, in the vicinity. Although the canyon is notorious for its rattlesnakes I see only a couple every trip or so. It is also noted for its mountain goat population, its fishing, scenery and kayaking opertunities (class 4 plus). The only trail up out of the canyon starts on the right about three miles or so in--the Morrison Jeep Trail--and the word "steep" is not nearly adequate. At the top, the left fork along the canyon rim runs through private property while the right one takes you through breathtaking high country full of elk, deer, couger, and bear--both black and grizzly--about 20 miles to HYWY 212. This is NOT a trip for greenhorns.

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as above. It is impossible to get lost on the canyon portion of the trail but up and out of the canyon is very wild wilderness. It will take more than one day.

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One side trail may be of interest--the "Bridal Veil Falls" trail about a mile past the forest boundary fence. There is a sign on your right. The trail is steep and short (1/3 mile or so) and you will have to walk almost as far as you ride to get to the falls (formerly known as Shower Basin Falls) which are back up a tight canyon and in late summer are suitable for bathing in!

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