Wickiup Knoll Trail - Trail, Afton, Wyoming

Wickiup Knoll Trail - Trail, Afton, Wyoming


Trail access from Dry Creek Canyon 2 miles south of Afton. Easy access from Highway 89. Southbound fire road style trail approx 1.5 mi off highway 89 turns into nice double track or 4 wheeler trail. Steady 4-5 mile climb up the back side of the eastern Star Valley range. Intermediate difficuly is only due to 1100 ft elevation gain. Spectacular view once on top. Can be ridden as an out and back or as a loop as there are 3 trails to drop off the face-hills if you know where to look or scout aroung a bit just south of the summit.


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[Feb 20, 2016]
Cross Country Rider

I have ridden this trail a few times, albeit not in a few years. As the trail description states, a short drive east up the drycreek road a couple miles south of Afton will take you to a turnout on one side of the road faced by a national forest sign on the other side. On the turnout side you will see dry creek running along the bottom of the canyon and on the sign side you'll see the atv road running south. Follow it and after 3/4 of mile or so veer west (right). You'll eventually reach a steep shoot with an old trail sign of some sort at its mouth. That will lead you up the acv trail that climbs the back side of the foothills that run along highway 89.
After a pretty good climb you reach the ridge line (once you reach the ridge you have to turn right (north) and climb a quarter mile to the wiki-up knoll, more steep climbing—I usually stay south and ride the ridge instead) and see miles of ridge line running south you can ride. I usually ride the ridge for a couple of miles enjoying the 1,000 feet above the valley floor then I ride back and enjoy the descent the same way I came up.
It's a satisfying, beautiful ride, not technical and requiring average to good conditioning. You will likely see deer, maybe a mountain lion(I had one cross the road in front of my car on highway 89 on the highway side of wiki-up in 09).

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Spruce Hollow Loop—go 3 miles north of Afton and turn east at Grover. Follow the road up Grover Park for about a mile and a half and park at the trail head of Spruce Hollow on the right. The trail has two large boulders at it mouth. Follow it a couple of climbing miles to the top and then descend all the way out of the canyon and come out at Grover Cemetary. Awesome Forrest/mountain/ technical descent ride.

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