Cooney Lake - Trail, Twisp, Washington

Cooney Lake - Trail, Twisp, Washington


Take the Eagle Lake Trail 431. You climb 800 feet in 2.3 miles. Take the left hand, Martin Creek Trail 429 amd descend 1 mile to Eagle Creek. From there the trail climbs almost continually. Some gradual, some switchbacks, some grinders. At mile 6.6 pass the Martin Lakes Trail 429A and continue ahead. At mile 9 you will have climbed 2450 feet. Cooney Lake is hidden from the main trail across a small creek. Follow the path on the other side of the creek and walk you bike. On the return, you can choose to return the way you came or descend Foggy Dew Creek for a wild 10 mile ride. Hopefull you would have left a vehicle on each end to avoid the brutal 3 mile climb back to the trailhead.


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[Sep 18, 2002]

This is one of the great trails in the State of Washington. Starting at the Eagle Lakes trailhead at 4200 feet you start a gradual climb fo the first couple of miles through the forrest. You come to the junction of the Martin Creek and Eagle Lakes, descend the left hand Marting Creek. This is kind of a bummer because you give up all the elevation you have just gained. Cooney can also be reached via Eagle Lakes trail and Horsehead Pass, but this way take on way more climbing than most intermediate riders can do. Plus the final descent down the Angel Staircase to Cooney is strictly for masochists.
After crossing Eagle Creek the trail switchbacks up the ridge and into a wooded basin. At about 8 mile into the ride thew Pine trees begin to give way to Larch and into a scree filled Meadow. A 1/4 mile climb out the back of the meadow and come to the small creek exiting Cooney Lake. The trail here continues down Foggy Dew Creek.

Cooney Lake cannot be seen from the creek. The trail croosing the creek and you will come to the lake in 200 yards. The lake itself is spectactular. It is at the base of a barren granite mountain. The Angel Staircase comes down to the back of the lake to the left.
I recommend Foggy Dew Creek on the return. From the lake it switchbacks steeply through Alpine areas for two miles before entering the deep forest. This route is 13 miles, 10 trail 3 road back down to FS 4340. You lose 5000 feet elevation in the process. At 4340 it is about 3.5 miles back to the Eagle Lakes trailhead, all uphill.

This area is open to motorcycles. During the long hot summer they churn the trail to a fine dust. The motorcycle guys also do all the maintenance so I guess they're entitled. Do the trail mid to late July, or October after it rains a few times. This is high so it gets chilly fast in the fall.

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The one in the ride description. It can be ridden by going up Foggy Dew Creek, but the upper sections would probably require a lot on hike-a-bike.

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