Clark's Creek Park - Trail, Puyallup, Washington

Clark's Creek Park - Trail, Puyallup, Washington


4.2 miles, plus more being fixed up as of fall 2008. This trail has been around a long time.

Watch for dogs, runners, etc.

Start at either the Ball fields on 7th Ave, or at the back parking lot on 15th Ave. The trail starts as access road, then wide path.(this used to be a mud pit, so the path is welcomed) Trail turns to decent single track, work up the main trail; do not take steep off shoot trails. At the top, there are two loops. Some new trail maintenance has made for decent loops. I take the left trail first, which comes almost back to were you started it form, then take the right trail. The right trail is the school loop. It has a few different end points, but the main trail is best. Muddy by school, lots of clay up here, but mostly (90%) well drained glacial till. Really good in the snow, and fun too!

One note: Some group is slowly rehabbing this small trail complex. there was very newly cut trail and fixed old trails up by the water tower(end of 96th street accessed by spur trail off left loop). I Hope to help out on this. I can see at least 6-8 miles in the end at least. The old trails need to be redesigned as they are way too steep to even walk! (on google earth, the water tower is in the south-east corner)

Great afterwork workout or place to take the newbie. Also good for 'Cross bikes.


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[Feb 14, 2012]
Weekend Warrior

Clarks Creek Park park is a great place to build up skills, explore and spend the afternoon. The entrance to most of the park has very wide trails where you have to keep an eye out for dog walkers, hikers and kids play near the playtoys at the clarks creek south city park. In the upper part of the park (which can also be accessed from Fruitland Elementary) there is 3 or 4 good loops, which connect to the bottom park of the park. The upper park includes lots of fun switchbacks and more technical terrain. In the mid/lower park of the park there is a combination of singletrack and some downhill chutes. On the north end of the park, there is some very challenging dried creek type trails and more technical terrain. Only downside is that the trails can get VERY muddy after rain, there's some poor drainage in portions of the trails. 9 months out of the year, these are awesome trails, I'd recommend this trail system to anyone in the Puyallup/Tacoma area who is looking for a close trail.

Customer Service

The best access point to the trails system is from the Clarks creek park SOUTH city park, off of 14th street. this is the one with the dog park and playtoys, not the baseball fields. There's trail access here that will allow you to get to all the trails in the park. As you ride south from this park, the trail starts to narrow and climb, after staying on the main trail you'll reach a T and the lower trail goes down to the State fish hatchery and the upper trail continues to the loops at the top of the park, follow this uphill for a few curves and bends and you'll get to a cross roads of about 3 or 4 trails, which are the loops of the upper part of Clarks Creek. I usually ride these for a while before riding back down to the city park, hitting some of the DH chutes on the way.

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