Five Forks Unit (Petersburg National Battlefield) - Trail, Dinwiddie, Virginia

Five Forks Unit (Petersburg National Battlefield) - Trail, Dinwiddie, Virginia


This trail is just off of 85S and Courthouse Road, in beautiful Dinwiddie County. An easy drive from Richmond, and about 50 minutes from my location east of Richmond.

It was at this site that the last decisive battle of the Confederacy was fought. (A fact that this Southern girl did not know prior to finding this trail). It was a decisive rout of the Confederates by the Union Army. This victory cut off supply lines and forced Lee to march toward Appamatox Courthouse. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quiet, historic with the palpable solemnity that such places of great bloodshed seem to hold. It is part of the Petersburg National Battlefield Park System ( I was surprised that there were no write ups about this track.

It is a multi-use trail (including horses, of which we saw several--remember to stop and yield to them). It is hard single track, moderate descent and inclines, some trees to cross over the pathway. The trail is maintained well enough to be reasonably clear, but not so much to remove some technical aspects (narrow areas, fallen trees many of which could be cleared without dismounting) and winnows through mostly a pine-wooded area.

I've uploaded a map is available at the site, but the site's uploader takes too long ( Make sure you distinguished the "trail under construction". We did not make that distinction and pushed our bikes through virgin woods. There was NO riding through that, no matter what your fitness or experience level was! But it was well marked!

The trail crosses borders around grassy areas, threads through woods, and follows the road at one point. There are several descents with some narrow turns take you over a 6ft wooden bridge over the creeks. We road just before the recent storms, and all of the creeks were dry.

There is an overlook area. Be sure to open the mailbox and make a notation in the observation log. Take a moment to read the entries too!

There is a modern forestry building, clean bathrooms, friendly forestry employee.
There are picnic tables and a covered area.

Fitness check: My husband and I are returning to bike fitness (I'm 50, and he is 55) after being fit just a few years ago. We did the entire trail. I was tired and he could feel it. The trail is such that you could do as much or as little as you like. Two loops would be an absolutely awesome weekend workout.

The main area is open 9-5, but you could park in one of the satellite areas and ride the trails without going to the main entrance.


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[Oct 02, 2010]
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Single track, quiet woods, multi-use trail. Some ascent/descent to be a decent workout.

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Start at the Forestry Center...bathrooms! Pine Rock trail offers the best elevation challenge. Less experienced/fit riders can avoid that trail and enjoy a quiet ride in the woods.

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