Buffalo Camp Bayou Park - Trail, Lake Jackson, Texas

Buffalo Camp Bayou Park - Trail, Lake Jackson, Texas


In front part of trail there are several fast winding tracks. With one long 8-mile easy going track that runs along Brazos river. This track has some excelent possiblities. On one side the trail it has virgin river banks ready to have some tracks cut thru them. About half way through there is a small creek with a bridge crossing. But some semi steep banks on each side about 10' high ready for some Ho Chi Minh roller coaster style runs. There really needs to be something done about getting this place some good trails cut. Excellent possiblities. Some really cool wildlife also. This raccoon & I sat & watched each other on the river for about 30min. I'd say now its easy tracks but if it gets some new tracks cut I'd say it could be a good range from Beginner-Advanced. Later


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[Apr 08, 2014]
Weekend Warrior

Easy to miss the gate, keep your eyes open.

The trail is very flat. No elevation change. Nice scenery, lots of wild life. You can drive a truck easily through all the trails. I can tell that it hardly gets ridden, usually you'll be riding on grass and not dirt. It's a cool place to go relax in nature, But next time I think I'll just go walking through it. I was bored and I'm local, hitting up maclean park on my mtb was getting kind of old.

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Main trail follows the water for 1.5 miles. I went exploring off to the right, trails just dead end. Looks like they might be still working on it, not sure.

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Maclean park is ok. Gonna have to go to jack Brooks park in Hitchcock or go up to Houston for trails

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