Caney Creek Trail - Trail, Cleveland, Tennessee

Caney Creek Trail - Trail, Cleveland, Tennessee


Old motor cycle trail - narrow roadbed (class 'B')singletrack. Ascends the western hip of Hogback Mountain to its relatively flat and wide lower ridge, rising and dropping as it crosses the headwaters of Sylco Creek.


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[Dec 06, 2001]
Tim C.

Head past the kiosk and cross Dutch Creek. Soon begin a steep climb up a rutted jeep trail, after which you begin riding rolling ups and downs, crossing small streams and enjoying the pace. The trail was quite leaf covered, but surprisingly obstacle-free. The toughest climb is the first half mile or so, and is also the most technical part. Other steep climbs are fairly short and non-technical. There are occasional blazes of various colors, but I think the "official" ones are white. Definitely needs some TLC on the north end with all the deadfall - impassable at this posting. Cool out and back, though, one of those that gives two great rides. Great winter views. This trail needs riders, it's lonely!! 3 wheelies for untapped potential.

Customer Service

I only did an out & back of about 12 miles r/t. At about 3.75 miles, after crossing FS 374 (which you've been snaking near for a half mile or so), there is a junction with the old Sylco Motorcycle trail on the left. According to my maps, this heads down the ridge to an area of intertwining jeep roads and trails that could take you back to the Sylco Creek Trail to the west. I continued up and over the north end of Hogback Ridge to about the six mile mark when deadfall and impending nightfall caused me to turn back. Presumably the trail heads down the ridge toward Big Creek and the Ocoee River. Can anyone tell us more?

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