St. Martin's (Quarry Park) - Trail, West Rapid City, Dakota

St. Martin's (Quarry Park) - Trail, West Rapid City, Dakota


Go through the opening in the the barbed wire fence and continue straight ahead. (There are a few options to this loop and we'll try to explain the main loops) The trail climbs slightly and vears west. At the first intersection make a choice of going straight or right. If you choose to go straight the trail takes you up a small fire road climb that turns leads to a open meadow with a 4 way intersection. If you go straight or roughly west the trail continues on a fire road that eventually leads to a fence. There is a sign at the fence that warns of a mining area and blasting. As long as you stay on the main fire road you are OK. The fire road climbs for a while then there is a short downhill when the road turns reddish... just at the end of the downhill take and immediate right and climb up a short uphill. At the top of the climb the road forks...stay right and continue on a very fun downhill fire road that heads roughly east. The fire road now intersects with a more traveled gravel road. Vear right for about 50 yards and you should see a barbed wire fence with a trail access section in it. Go through the opening and continue east. If you continue on this trail you will return to the parking area. There is a trail spur on the right about half way down that is marked by two small old logs... if you turn right here you will meander in a small climb with one log crossing back to the four way insection. Now if you take a right at the intersection you will be on one of the main spur trails...this trail meanders climbing slightly with many switch backs that eventually leads to an open meadow. At the end of this meadow you will be on the same trail you just came down from the first main downhill. If you take the same right log spur you should end up back at the four way intersection(if you go straight instead the trail leads back to the parking area). Now to complete this loop vear left(East) at the four way intersection and head on a slight downhill. The trail now descends with some fun switch backs eventually back to the parking area. This only my preference to ride and it can be ridden a number of ways...A great little trail close to town...BE ADVISED THIS TRAIL IS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY WITH AN AGREEMENT FROM THE LAND OWNER...PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL


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[Sep 15, 2008]

A single track trail with good switchbacks, rock gardens, climbs, log rides and dropoffs mixed in. Front suspension reccomended.

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Theyre not really too close, but Storm Mountain, M Hill, and Saint Martin/Quarry are good ones.

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