Slocum-Yawgoo Valley - Trail, North Kingstown, Island

Slocum-Yawgoo Valley - Trail, North Kingstown, Island


Fairly wide trail, following the power lines for a long while, then the power lines turn (after the sod farms). when the power lines come to a road, take the road across the street. take the train tracks left at the end of the road. once you see a fence, go into it and follow that road until you see a brown bar on the left with a trail behind it. take that trail and you end up at the top of yawgoo valley ski area. ride down a slope, and when you get to the parking lot, take the road ACROSS from it. when you see the bridge on the right, take it, and at the end of the bridge, take a left. this windy road takes you back to exeter road, then take a right and go back to lischio field. it's kick ass riding, not too technical, there's some good hilly stuff though. it's decently hard, the train tracks are all rocks, the power lines, rocks dirt and sand, and the most part, it's fairly hilly.


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[Mar 29, 2002]

it is okay, some up and down hills, no drop offs though. the best part is coming up the back of yawgoo, nice singletrack. but i think some screwed up kids hang out there, you know what i mean when you go and someone put trees across the trail at head level so i had to keep stopping to move them so future riders could use the trail. even better is the ride down the slopes of yawgoo. if you go towards the right side you will hit steeper slopes, far left is a longer less steep slope. but even then you can get some kick a$$ speed.

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the ride isn't that worth it. you should just skip this and go to arcade. thats awsome. check it out someday.

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