Eagle Caves - Trail, City of The Dalles, Oregon

Eagle Caves - Trail, City of The Dalles, Oregon


This ride effectively begins at the end of Sandlin road. Go ahead and park at the gate as the local residents are very cooperative. Start your ride on the other side of the gate heading NE towards the rim of the plateau. After about 400 meters of double track you'll come to a fork. Going left or right will send you into a loop that takes you along the rim of the plateau. The views are nice, but the 2 kilometer loop is less than epic riding. We'll say that you've seen the view a few times and don't care to see it again. Go left at this junction. Ride for about 500 meters and find a single track doglegging left. You can continue on this trail and it will lead you down along the hillside or you can take a right turn at 350 meters which will lead you to the same place. The main trail will then take you back along the hillside with the plateau rim looming up to your right. After about 3 kilometers of nice single track, you have two options: Ride out onto Chinook St. and head back to your car via the blacktop or head back up to the plateau following some single track through a ravine. This trail can get over grown and can be hard to find which is why I usually choose the pavement. You can get a good lay of the land by going to Google Earth and waypoint yourself to 45 36.800 , 121 14.550. This the approximate location of the gate at the end of Sandlin.

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