minnow ranch - Trail, blair, Oklahoma

minnow ranch - Trail, blair, Oklahoma


this trail is alot of rocky singletrack. some easy some very technical.the first part is about 1.5 to 2 miles long the back loop ends up making it about a 6 to 8 mile trail. you will have to ride this trail with someone that has ridden it before to find the back trail.its the best part of the trail. alot of technical riding some short, but hairy downhills. there are a couple of rocks about 4 feet tall to ride off of via wooden planks. this trail is a must to ride if at all possible find someone that has ridden it so you can ride the whole thing.


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[Apr 24, 2002]

The trail starts off easy with a gradual incline into the trees. Some areas get real tight - watch out for the thorny vines. Some areas get rocky and technical. The single track comes out on a dirt road that leads to a barb-wire gate. A short ride through cow pasture, cross a couple creeks to get to the back loop. This part gets real rocky with long climbs and downhills. Excellent trail for the intermediate to advanced riders. Beginners may have trouble. There are two fenses to jump, thats why it's best to go with a local rider that knows the trail. It is on private property, but the owners don't mind us riding the trail as long as we don't leave trash or disturb the cows.

Customer Service

Easiest way is to contact Johnnie at Jones Bike Shop in Altus or myself. It's kind of hard to find.

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