Cedar Rock - Trail, Hendersonville, Carolina

Cedar Rock - Trail, Hendersonville, Carolina


Depending on which part of this loop you take it can be a short and somewhat grueling climb up rock faces or it can be a very long and grueling climb up single tracks and rock. Either way its not a horrible climb and its well worth the work for the incredible views you'll get at the top!!

The way i like to go is taking Cornmill Shoals rd to either big rock, or following it around to Little River Trail and continuing up to one of the two ends of Cedar rook loop trail. If you want a easy climb with a awesome downhill anyway you go the i would advise going around to the second entrance to cedar rock trail which is quiet a ways up little river trail. follow it all the way up the rock till you get to the sign at the top which shows how cedar rock loop meets with big rock trail. From there I like to continue on to big rock to get the absolute best views. Then you can either continue down Big Rock which can be treacherous if you arn't careful but still fun, or you can turn around and do either part of the cedar rock loop.


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[Jun 11, 2011]
tom carter
Cross Country Rider

This trail is superb! See my review under Dupont State Forest, of which this trail is a part. Mountain Bike Action several years back listed this as some of the best on the East Coast. It may be. The description above of the best way to get to the top of the dome (north leg of Cedar Rock) is probably good advice as I learned the hard way. This is a must do on anyone's bucket list of trails.

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