Mile Creek - Trail, West Yellowstone, Montana

Mile Creek - Trail, West Yellowstone, Montana


7/11/2010: The trail follows mile creek up to the Continental Divide Trail with a smooth and steady grade. Its essentially non-technical though the trail has loose scree on it in spots; 99% rideable for someone in decent shape except where grapefruit-sized loose rocks are strewn about some of the steeper switchbacks. This ride is super scenic, and not popular-- it is primo bear country (we saw one). Although it has a bit of a southern exposure it probably wasn't dry until 2 weeks ago judging by lingering patches of snow. We didn't actually finish the ride...but we went about 5 miles up. looked like it went another 2 to gain the ridge and CDT.


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[May 13, 2011]
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The above description of Mile Creek Trail is accurate, but there is so much more. For one thing, Mile Creek is actually a segment of the Continental Divide Trail. The CDT gained a new segment in 2010, from Reynolds Pass to lower Mile Creek. The new segment is about 4 miles long and it intersects Mile Creek about 1 mile up. 5 miles above this intersection is the 9,400 ft saddle at the Idaho state line. From there the CDT gain 600 more ft in about 1 mile to the high point of the trail. If you turn around right there, you have a wonderful 10 mile downhill back to Reynolds Pass, but you are also negotiating 50 switchbacks. This is not a technical trail but it is strenuous and will keep you alert. If you travel futher east from the high point, you will drop down 13 spectacular switchbacks and pass through a serene alpine lake basin before crossing the divide agin and entering Montana. Exit via Denny Creek road (easiest) or the CDT to Targhee Pass (harder) or Watkins Creek (also hard and technical) or lopp around to the Mile Creek side of the Henry Range via Sheep Creek (off the charts adventure). Some grizzly caution is prudent. Enjoy!

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Start at Mile Creek or Reynolds Pass.

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