Ingles Creek - Trail, Red Lodge, Montana

Ingles Creek - Trail, Red Lodge, Montana


This trail is not for weenies. Ingles Creek is only 2.8 from the bottom (at the intersection with Silver Run) to the top but you will gain around 1500 to 2000 feet. It starts out with a series of very tight switch backs and ends the same. In the middle, it is just steep. Every time you think you've come to a spot where it levels out, you go around a small corner and it goes up again. There are six or so stream crossings. Most can be ridden. The trail is single-track with some loose rock, roots in a few spots, water bars and elk droppings (possible moose and black bear also). At the summit, you can go left over the ridge. Be sure to go slow until the first hard switchback to the left. You follow a drainage down for a little over a mile that is very steep with lots of loose rock and water bars. There is also a fallen tree that hangs over the trail so be sure to duck. The trail then turns into a service road back to the parking lot. The down hill section is rough and fast. Round trip is approximately 5 miles and a great climb if you are into climbing. The descent is fast and furious but be careful if you come back down the trail itself as going up is slow, sight is limited and there are usually others behind you but the trail is so steep, that not many people do it nearly as many as will do Silver Run below.


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[Jan 07, 2002]

Good trail with a healthy gain in elevation. Fast desent with lower portion having rolly burms which are fun to catch are off of. Expect acending trail to contain moose doo. Several streams which have no bridges, but are no task to cross. Nice long climb. Red Lodge "Fat Tire Frenzy" held every year.

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Please park at parking lot at lowest end of silver run trails.

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