Jefferson Barracks Park - Trail, St. Louis, Missouri

Jefferson Barracks Park - Trail, St. Louis, Missouri


Jefferson Barracks Park has real nice trails for riding. It has some good hills that are a good workout but not too exhausting. Whenever I''ve been there, it seems to not be so crowded with people, which makes it a real nice place because you don''t have to worry about coming up behind too many people. Sometimes you''ll see deer, which is really neat because you don''t have to go out to the country to see such wonderful nature. All the trails are blacktop and extremely smooth, and there are a couple of wooded trails that are dirt that goes through woods, but people usually walk these instead of riding, but I have seen people riding bikes, which is nice again because not any people to worry about. You see deer even more in these areas. Wait until fall - this place is gorgeous!

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