Babler State Park - Trail, St. Louis, Missouri

Babler State Park - Trail, St. Louis, Missouri


This is a great short trail for a quick afternoon bike, with an amazing finish. Babler only allows biking on the designated 2-mile bike trail (packed earth with some gravel) and on paved roads, which makes this a great road-biking site. My favorite route in the park starts with the bike trail and then returns via the road to the start point. You get a nice dose of forest riding on the bike trail, then enjoy a leisurely road bike back the rest of the way. The best part is an enormous downhill at the end - you can roar down the hill and squeal to a stop right at your car. What a finish! Cross the bridge at the lot and you join the bike trail about 1/4 mi. from its N end; take a right and enjoy a nice 1.75 mi ride through the woods on a lovely, well-marked trail. Some ascents, but nothing too severe, and lots of hiking trails veer off for on-foot explorations. You emerge at the park''s campground, where the road portion starts; take a left to exit the campground. This takes you to a STEEP uphill (I have to walk it, but I''m a wussy) then brings you back to the visitor center. Follow your original route from there back to the parking lot, incorporating the screaming downhill.




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