Forest City - Trail, St. James, Missouri

Forest City - Trail, St. James, Missouri


This 100% singletrack trail system starts with prime hardwood forest riding on the north end, but transitions into beautiful pine forest riding towards the sourthern reaches of the property. Highlights include a desert-like slickrock section and a rock bluff overlook. The gravel/paved Ironworks Bike Path runs near the western side of the trail, and crosses near the southernmost point.

Funded mainly by Route 66 Bike Shop in Rolla, the Forest City Trail should be fun for all levels of rider. Construction on the easy 5-mile loop began in winter of 2009/2010. Additional technical loops were added late in 2010 and early 2011.


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[Nov 05, 2013]
Weekend Warrior

I have been riding "serious" XC-type-mtb trails for less than a year, but I have progressed to where I'd consider myself to be at the low end of Intermediate skill level. I rode only the 5.something mile "beginner" loop last month, and did consider it easy, but LOTS of fun. The trail is very well designed, and maintained, apparently. I have some closer trails to ride (Council Bluff, sections of the Ozark Trail, Berryman), but I plan to drive the extra distance to ride this trail again, this Saturday. I plan to ride the full trail this time, including the more technical side-loops (Intermediate, according to I'm looking forward to seeing more features, including a waterfall on one of the loops. Perhaps I'll see you there! :)


Customer Service

The trail consists of one main "beginner" loop, and three "sub-loops" off of that. I rode the main loop counter-clockwise from the parking lot. I think either way would be just as fun.

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