Bothwell Lodge State park - Trail, Sedalia, Missouri

Bothwell Lodge State park - Trail, Sedalia, Missouri


Bothwell consists of two basic trails. The main trail is 2.8 miles of singletrack through the woods and grassland. It''s got mild hills and has a decent amount of rocks and roots. There are a few small, washed out areas that came up fast and required hard braking to avoid an endo. Once you get to the end of the dirt trail, there''s another .2 mile ride on pavement to get back to the parking area. The ride is worth the drive if you live in Sedalia. There aren''t many places to ride around here. This is a beginner trail. The second trail is only listed as .75 miles, but there are a few side trails, so you might be able to squeeze an extra half mile out of it. It is quite technical with a lot of rocks, downed trees, small drops. It''s all fairly steep downhill from the trail head and it''s kinda rough getting back up once you reach the bottom. Unlike the main trail, this does not have a sign saying it is for biking. I stopped at the lodge office and confirmed that it is ok to ride it. I was warned that it was very rough for biking and they weren''t kidding. This trail is at least intermediate.


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[Jun 19, 2006]
Weekend Warrior

I forgot to mention that this is a hiking/biking trail only. No horses allowed. I had a good time, even though it is a short ride. If you ride the 2.8 mile trail and turn right onto the gravel it's only a 1/2 mile or so to the short trail. If you ride both trails and then ride back to the 2.8 mile trails parking area you can eek out about a 6 mile ride. The short trail is a lot harder to ride than the long trail.

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Knob Noster State Park when the new trail opens. As of 6/19/06, it is not open yet.

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