Wire Road CA. - Trail, Crane, Missouri

Wire Road CA. - Trail, Crane, Missouri


Part of the trail follows the old telegraph road of the 1860's. Therte is an upper tral system that runs along the north side of Hemphill branch. Lots and lots of up and down. Trail is a classic Ozarks ride. The trail is used by both horses and hikers.


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[Jul 02, 2016]
Cross Country Rider

Ok, I am doing this review a bit late. I rode this trail twice in April after seeing it listed here (without a review) and talking to an owner of a LBS. After doing some research on it, I found that it used to be frequented by mtb'ers before Two Rivers opened. Also, most of the trail is listed as multi-use (i.e. horses and hikers) and it showed in a number of places. Most of the hoof damage I saw occured on the northwest side of the trail where it was muddy (valley/hollow). Other trail hazards included some washouts on both NW and SE sides. Fallen trees and limb debris seemed to be more common on the SE portion of the trail due to what appeared to be lower traffic/use on that side. The lay out of the trail seemed pretty basic and straight forward based on the map. The most challenging feature of the NW trail (aside from the damage) was the HUGE hill about a third of the way in. While I had the option to take an alternate route around it, I decided to give it a go. After giving it my best, I would up having to hike the bike up the steep crest. Due to the slope and washouts, it proved tricky even walking up it. The ride down the otherside was much more gradual but still a blast. I even had to apply the brakes toward the end due to a blind turn at the end. I was also pleasantly suprised when coming across a number of unlisted trails on this section. They appeared to be not used as often, as evidenced by the overgrowth. I had read that they were used by the mtb community to diversify the trail. The SW section of the trail was a bit more hairy than the NW. As mentioned earlier, a number of the wooded trails had quite a bit of debris which made riding impossible at times. The inclines on this stretch seemed to never end and the descents were perilous especially in the woods. The angle of descent plus lots of roots and loose rock made even walking the bike down a chore on quite a few spots. More unlisted trails were to be found on this side as well. One in particular ran south and parallel to the creek which led to the south border of the conservation area that butted up against Crane proper. On the return trip, I rode the dry creek bed instead of the trail which bumped up the fun factor. Overall, I would say that this trail is worth riding again.

Customer Service

Park at the trail head on Old Wire Road. It will place you in the middle of both trail sections. The NW section only allows you to go in one way until you reach an unmarked trail or the alternate route discussed earlier. As for the SW section, I took the first left and made my way through the woods. The map estimates trail length to be about 3.5 mi. Going out and back again on both sections plus unmarked trails, I 'd say I rode at least 6-7 easily. The SW portion is the hardest.

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