Mill Creek Streamway Park System - Trail, From Kaw River to Olathe, Kansas

Mill Creek Streamway Park System - Trail, From Kaw River to Olathe, Kansas


Nice wide paved trail. Gets busy in the summer after business hours mostly in area around Shawnee Mission Park. Empty when its raining. A little of everything. Flats, short and long hills. Goes through Shawnee Mission park just below the dam and behind neighborhoods in both Shawnee and Olathe. Access points offer restrooms and water fountains.


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[Sep 28, 2006]
Weekend Warrior

I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable trails I have ever been on. It is well designed, with very few places that one needs to cross any streets, which is quite nice and very safe.

It is completely paved (no gravel sections at all which is great for us road bike riders). It is protected enough from the wind there was no discernable wind to fight while on the trail. With moderate winds or less you should not have any concerns about the wind.

The trail could use some additional signage to indicate whether the a split in the trail is to a trail exit or a continuation. Those familiar with the trail will have no problem, but the first time through it is not always clear where to go to continue on. There is also a loop or two on the trail, where you can continue on the trail by taking the left or the right choice, but these

are not labelled either, and it could be possible to end up looping around without realizing it at first. This would be a minor inconvenience for a cyclist, but a hiker would be pretty disappointed to find out they just went in a circle.

One other warning is there is an overpass over the railway at one point, and the trail uses the sidewalk for going over this bridge. I personally do not like riding on sidewalks at all (it is illegal in most states and is a dangerous practice in all states even if it is not illegal), so I took the road instead. I noticed there was some broken glass that definitely could cause a flat on the sidewalk, and the turn at the end of the bridge to get back on the trail was a pretty sharp 180 degree turn.

There is one fairly significant climb near the middle of the trail, which proved quite challenging for me the first couple times I did it, since I am from NW Ohio which is completely flat. This is the first time I really had to use my brakes in a serious manner in the last 8
years of riding.

Being a real train fan (I love to watch trains as I ride my bike) I especially appreciated riding alongside a track for a large part of the trail. I like that better than riding on trails that just used to be tracks. The tunnels underneath the tracks were an interesting twist as well, though there was water on the trail in the tunnels, even though it had not rained at all recently.

[Mar 29, 2003]

Ive been riding for a short time, and have stuck with this trail because its close, and offers enough variables to get a decent workout. North of Shawnee Mission Park, the trail is atleast 10 years old, and is starting to crack. The two miles north of the park access offers the steepest hills on the trail. South of the park, it is a nice smooth ride. There are a few small hills aroud the Olathe area. Off-road options are limited, but the creek offers a challenge and a nice way to cool down, and there is an access point at the top of the dam in Shawnee Mission Park where there are off road trails. There is quite a bit of foot traffic on it in the afternoons around loop by the park, but not enough to hamper riding. Overall, its decent, but somewhat difficult for the new rider.

Customer Service

Any and all, but I ride from mile marker 9.5 to marker 15 about 4 times a week when weather is good.

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