Rock Springs Trails - Trail, Decatur, Illinois

Rock Springs Trails - Trail, Decatur, Illinois


Ther are great trails that run all along the 3.5 mile paved path almost all of these are singletrack. it is rolling and fun , the best but shorter area is closer to Fairview park (called Heather hills trails). Complain enough to the authorities about lack of trails to ride and maybe they will let the local guys (Central Il Mtn. Bike Association) new trails at the other spots in Decatur ( specifically Sandcreek rec. area)


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[Dec 16, 2001]

OK, here is the story about this area: For like 6-8 years people were riding in this area and no-one had any problem with it. In 97' they started to build a paved path linking a City park to a conservation area. After this was finished no bikes signs went up at every crossing dirt trail off the paved path. Thus the area was closed to bikes, sort of ironic that they could destroy several hundred acres of forest to make the paved path. But the mountain bikes were going to hurt the trees in the area, so they said when asked why there was no access to bikes off road. I do have to agree with this person about complaining to the conservation disrict about access, they think that there isn't anyone interested in mountain biking to be able to keep up trails for them. They are wrong, because the only maintenance that gets done on the trails that are still there (now hiking only, is done by the people who still ride there, be it illegal riding.

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I don't recomend any route here now!

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Well it sucks but you will have to drive a little bit to get to any more trails near here. Although there is some great terrain in Macon County to put trails on it is almost all owned by the Macon County Conservation District. Again let them know that you have a problem with there attitude about bikes. They even have a area called Sandcreek Rec. area in which they allow horses but no bikes, and this is ridiculous. But go to Camp Camfield near Sullivan it is 30 minutes drive from Decatur.

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