Sam Vadalabene Great River Road Bike Trail - Trail, Alton, Illinois

Sam Vadalabene Great River Road Bike Trail - Trail, Alton, Illinois


This is the first rails-to-trail in Illinois. It is a level, asphalt trail running from Alton to Pere Marquette State Park (21 miles). The rivers'' bluffs run the length of the trail. In some places it is tree lined and tree covered. In some places it is wide open and sunny. Some of the trail runs immediately adjacent to IL 100 (but you do not share a lane with vehicles). The Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois Rivers will be part of your scenery. They run next to the trail most of the way. At times you feel you can reach out and touch a passing tug boat. When passing Elsah, be sure to give this town some time. Many of its colorful houses are on the National Historic Register, a lot of Kodak moments. A restaurant (My Just Desserts) deserves a stop. It is closed Monday & Tuesday.) Their pies are to-die-for. Be sure to try a piece of Mrs. Ledbetter Pie (German chocolate pie). The town of Grafton has places to eat and a winery with a deck stretching over the river. If you have not given this trail a ride, you should. The parking at the north end of Alton will soon have restrooms. Be sure to look for the Piasa Bird painted on the bluff at the park. The food at Pere marquette is delicous and reasonable. Lodging is available at the park.


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[Sep 12, 2013]
Cross Country Rider

I've ridden this trail several times and I never get bored with it. The scenery is beautiful, especially during the fall. The beginning of the trail at Alton is pretty rough,(buckled pavement, fallen branches, etc.) but you can bypass this by riding on shoulder of the river road that parallels the trail. You go through or pass by several small towns that offer food and shops though I usually just do it for the riding. It's about 40 miles round trip if you do it end to end which doesn't sound like much but keep in mind you're right by the river and there's usually a stiff wind coming off the water which can be a challenge if you're trying to maintain a good clip! I've ridden many a mile and this one gives me a decent work out, Definately worth a visit! Don't forget to visit Fast Eddies after for some good eats! I gave only a 4 rating because of the trail condition at the beginning.

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If your into distance you can go south through Alton and ride the greenway all the way to St. Louis if you're so inclined! However, I think they're still working on the levee which part of the trail is on and it;s closed to the public. But you can still see the lock and dam and other scenic sections of South Alton and beyond,

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