Thousands Springs Valley - Trail, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Thousands Springs Valley - Trail, Idaho Falls, Idaho


A wide single track trail that has been completely redone by the FS (YOUR TAX $ AT WORK). This is an absolutely beautiful trail through evergreen forest to a wildflower infested alpine valley, Sound good; IT IS! It's an out and back ride. For a nice 11 mile total ride, I suggest you turnaround at Blacktail Pass which is beyond the valley (it's right after a moderate climb above Crystal Lake - a very small alpine lake). You must checkout the view from Blacktail Pass; the mountain to the east is Garns, the highest peak in the Big Holes. There is not much elevation gain on this ride; just a series of relatively short(1/2 mile or so) up and downs with flats in between. I rate it intermediate; but I would not take a novice on it. For you gonzos, you can keep going over Garns mountain and make a big loop back canyon creek trail or proceed on to Driggs. The riding to Blacktail is very moderate and suitable for a strong beginner; the trail is a wide enough for ATV's and you will most likely see some motorized (ATV and motorcycles), especially on weekends. I rode it today (July 14) and saw only 2 ATV's and a Basque sheepherder searching for his wandering steed (his border collies were not friendly) Note: I don't recommend you proceed past Blacktail and on to Garns unless you are an experienced rider.


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[Jul 28, 2009]
Cross Country Rider

This trail is in a beutiful location. I rode it with my wife who does not like to ride really technical terrain so from that aspect it was perfect. Personally, my preference is a more "true" single track. Most of this trail is wide enough for a truck to drive on due to the amount of dirt bikes and ATV's that ride the trail. We went on a saturday - we were the only mountain bikers on the trail, everyone else was on a powered vehicle. I would recomend staying away from weekends. Nice cruising ride.

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