Indian Cave - Trail, Barkhampsted, Connecticut

Indian Cave - Trail, Barkhampsted, Connecticut


go down the trail and take your second right. Big rolling rokc and an incredable view.


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[Dec 01, 2000]

Beginning section you will drop into a real swampy area that has become unrideable, (you may be able to find a route around it if you head right through the woods). From there you will start to wind through singletrack with some very technical uphills and a stream crossing followed by a real rocky section. You will come to a road (Rt. 179), go right up the road for about 100ft and cross to the left and you will go under a chain into a small field. Follow the tracks for about 100yds and you will intersect wiath the blue trail again, go right. You will begin a long grinding technical climb to the top of the ridge. From there just follow the blue blazes. It is great technical singletrack with lots of ups and downs. At one point you will reach a dirt road where the trail crosses and the scenery changes to more of a carniferous forest. It is a great fast singletrack section that drops you onto a another dirt road. Careful,right before you drop into the road there is a steep drop, where I have witnessed one guy break ribs. Go right up dirt road for about 200ft and take a left onto blue blazes where you will begin another steep grueling climb. More up and down singletrack with technical sections galore. This trail is great for working on quick controlled maneuvering, and long strenuous grinds. Finally you will follow the blue trail all the way to the top of the indian caves. My favorite section of the ride is the mile right before the top of the caves. Steep rock climbs, drops, slants, log crossings. There is a very technical section right at the top of the cave that entails a huge drop that is very hard to ride. I have only done it twice(stay as far right as possible and wheelie drop the last rock). Next you have to hike down off the cave, the only bummer of the trail. The blue will lead you to a swampy lake where you meet up with a jeep trail. Go left and follow the trail as far right as it will go around the lake. There will be a couple of trails and jeep roads on your left but pay no attention. This will take you onto Rt 179 before E. Hartland. Take a right and follow this road until you intersect with Rt 219 and continue on that towards Barkhamsted. Ratlum Rd. will be on your left. The trail is probably 10 miles with another 6 back to the car. There is another option to the ride where you continue to follow the blue trail through even better singletrack. If you wnat details let me know. This trail is very technical with lots of climbing, steep descents, drops, mud; so I advise only intermediate riders and better to attempt this. Anyone of lower level might not have as much fun and will find themselves walking alot of sections. Ride Hard and have fun...

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From Barkhamsted take Rt 219 towards East hartland, and about 2 miles after the Resevoir take a right onto Ratlum Rd. Go about 200 yards up the hill and there is a parking lot on the left. Blue trail drops down a dirt double track. Don't worry about the no biking signs, there just for decoration. The signs only pertain to the first mile or so.

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