Potters Ravine - Trail, Oroville, California

Potters Ravine - Trail, Oroville, California


wide graded natural surface, well marked scenic trail. trail is out and back staying near shoreline or can make loop. by taking dead cow trail on the way back which goes to the top of the ridge and connects back to potters ravine trail by way of cutoff trail. There is also a spur about 1/2 mile in that takes you to freeman memorial trail. trail is better marked than most streets. expect a lot of hikers during good weather. dead cow trail is very open so can let rip. also great view from gobbler point (off dead cow trail)


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[Aug 11, 2007]
Cross Country Rider

This trail has seen a lot of horses. It is mostly "double-track", w/o any kind of groove, just flat hard-pack covered in loose slate and gravel. That said, I actually didn't see any horses the entire two hours I rode this trail. Or other bikers... But once I got over the fact that I had mistakenly gotten on this instead of the Freeman Memorial Trail, it was actually worth it. It's mostly shaded, has good irrigation, nice scenery, and some extended climbs/descents that riders of any skill level can challenge themselves on. Traction can be difficult in many spots as there are lots of loose rocks of all sizes (watch out for grippy front tires hurling them at your face). Don't try to compare it to your favorite trail; just remember you're riding your bike - you'll have no complaints!

Customer Service

As described above with the "Dead Cow" trail. Don't use the "Cut Across" trail as it just cuts the ride short by skipping a lot of the good stuff. If you're still feeling fresh on your way back to the parking lot climb up to your right where the handicap/"no horses" sign points. This will lead through a gate to the Freeman Memorial Trail which takes off on a nice long downhill flow-y section from here.

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Freeman Memorial Trail ( I originally intended to ride this one but ended up on Potters Ravine by accident. At the end I found the FMT trail-head and rode it for about 20 minutes, wishing I had found it first!)

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