Salt Point State Park, Woodside Trail - Trail, Jenner, California

Salt Point State Park, Woodside Trail - Trail, Jenner, California


Behind the Woodside campground guard post is a parking lot with a trail head. The camp ranger told us to go there with our bikes. We did the main trail up through the pygmy forest and back down. Do it in the counter clockwise direction. Then you have maybe half hour or so of uphill, strenuous in places, but on a fire road so you have plenty of room. The climb is worth it since coming down the other side the trail gets more narrow and fun. The trail is rolling and goes through the pygmy forest, through the woods, past redwoods etc. Only saw a few people on it so we could get some fun speed at points but be cautious of hikers around corners. The climb fire road part is more sunny and the trail down is more shaded. Recommend it for sure. Even if you are staying at the Cove campsites, your camp window ticket will get you into Woodside camp area no problem and you can park right at the bottom of the trail, just ask them where the trail head by the parking lot is.


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[Jul 04, 2011]
Cross Country Rider

Great trail, was in great condition when we went. A few hikers, so watch the corners on the way down. Easy to ride right back to your campsite if you camped in the Woodside area. If you camped in the Cove area, your ticket on your car should get you in to park in the parking lot at the trail head and ride it.

Customer Service

Counter clockwise (stay right until closer to the top).

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