Tractor Trail - Trail, Aptos, California

Tractor Trail - Trail, Aptos, California


Tractor Trail in Demo Forest. High speed, swooping, star wars fun. This trail totally rocks. Getting to the trail is involves a little bit of technical riding but once to Tractor you can really let it rip. Not steep and not technical at all. Twisty, turny run down the mountain through redwoods and pines. Once to the bottom you have about a 1000 vertical feet to climb out, totally worth it.


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[Dec 11, 2005]
Weekend Warrior

If you want a fast, fun singletrack ride, this is it. Tractor is about the fastest singletrack in these parts. For more technical rides, go down Braille or Sawpit, but none compare to the speeds you hit on Tractor trail. You can easily hit over 30 mph in some parts and will test your brakes. Nothing really technical about it, just fast swooping singletrack. Basically, anything in Demonstration forest is a fun ride, this is the fastest of the trails in there.

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From the Bridge at the bottom of Demonstration, head up to Buzzards Lagoon, head right onto the dirt road and ride it 4 miles to the top. The top, if you continue on, will head down the fire road to Nisene Marks. You'll see the single track off to the right from the top. This is Ridge trail which you'll follow for a few miles. Stay on the left when the trail splits and head to the Helicopter pad. Follow the pad to the left when it splits and head to the picnic table. On the way, you will pass the Braille Trail. Go left and keep going to the picnic table. Take a rest, then head on down the singletrack for another mile or so. You'll come to another split. Left is Sawpit and Right is Tractor. Then let go of your brakes and let her rip. Watch the transitions and the little dips along the way. Once at the bottom, it will dump you back onto the fireroad, go right and head back for a 4 mile climb back to your vehicle.

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