Bixler Saddle Trail - Trail, Williams, Arizona

Bixler Saddle Trail - Trail, Williams, Arizona


Bixler Saddle Trail #72


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[Jun 29, 2010]
Weekend Warrior

This trail will definatley give you a workout, even if it is short.
To get here get off on The Devil Dog Rd. Ext (#257) about 5 miles west of Williams. Follow the road South for about 1/4 mile and it will come to a T and turn to dirt. This is FR 108, make a left and follow this road to FR 45, it will be on your left hand side and is right before a small bridg, follow this road all the way to the Trailhead.

This trail doesn't look too promising on the way in, but that changes once you hit the trailhead. You can see the outcrops and rock cliffs from Bill Williams Mountain not far away.

Starting off from the trail head you're greeted by a steep climb for about 200-300 feet then it levels out and you hit 3 sets of steps, once that is over the hardest technical stuff is done. The trail gradually goes uphill on some nice tight rolling singletrack to the edge of the saddle leading to a great view of the San Fransisco Peaks. The forrest is made up of Pine and Oak, with a fair amount of vegetation, shrubs, and undergrowth, and is usually very green.
The trail hugs the side of the mountain and The first of the big climbs begin. This stretch is about 1 mile long, starts off as some nice rolling singletrack and then climbs around 550 feet and ends with a set of tight switchbacks to complete the climb. You end up right next to a nice rock formation, a good place for a picture.
The next stretch is also about 1 mile with some steeper rolling singletrack, and another 500 foot gain by the end.
The last .5 mile stretch gains around 600 feet, and another set of nice switchbacks, and the forrest turns into Oaks and Aspen with some scattered Pine. The trail ends at the Bill Williams Link trail, you can either turn around here and go back down, or hook on to the link trail and hit the Bill Williams summit which is not far away.

This trail is not used much, some areas the single track is over grown, and very tight. It will definatley get your heart beating! Total elevation gain of around. Although horses are allowed on the trail, I'n my 10 years of riding this I have never seen 1 person on a horse here, and it is hoestly too narrow for a horse in parts.

This is a good trail to connect to the Bill Williams/Benham trails to add another 4-10 miles.

Customer Service

If you don't have a high clearance vehicle you probably won't make it all the way to the trailhead. I usually park about 1.5 miles away on FR45 and ride up the forrest road. However it is uphill the whole way.

It's a good opportunity to see some deer and elk if you aren't too noisy, I have never NOT seen any wildlife in this area.

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