dynamite road trail system - Trail, Scottsdale, Arizona

dynamite road trail system - Trail, Scottsdale, Arizona


At the crossroads of Pima and Dynamite you will find cars and trucks with bike racks parked off in the dirt. This is the starting point for over 100 miles of singletrack. Out in extreme North Scottsdale in the middle of some of the most beautiful sonoran desert you can find, is singletrack for all types of riders. Be sure to take alot of water. The singletrack is all over the place out there. Most of the riding is fast rolling terrain with occasional short steep climbs. you won't find any gnarly downhills or long climbs. The way out is kind of uphill, so the ride back is always faster. My favorite part is coming back on the singletrack ripping through corners and flying over the rollers. None of the trails are marked, so you need to keep yourself oriented to find your way back to the car. There are some power lines to use as a reference. These power lines have a jeep road under them. If you ever get lost, look for the power lines and follow the road back to your car. You'll know if you are going the right way if you find yourself going 18 mph effortlessly in some spots. The way back should be mostly downhill. A couple of my favorite rides include West Express and Roller Coaster. Don't bother looking for them, you won't find them marked out there. I suggest parking and following the jeep road until you find some singletrack off to the left or right and follow those. Caution: Motor cross dudes love this area. You will see and hear them all over. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay clear of them. They are going much faster and their bike is heavier, so you would lose.


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[Jan 14, 2010]
Cross Country Rider

actually there are some ST trails that are signed...15, 13, and a few others....but they are not very helpfull in regards to navigation.

simply ride up jeep roads till you find your 1st ST and head off....several hills ante the power lines serve as landmarks.

once you ridden up...its a roller coaster ride all the way back to the car.

quite a fun intermediate ride

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