Pipeline R.O.W. (Right Of Way) - Trail, Valdez, Alaska

Pipeline R.O.W. (Right Of Way) - Trail, Valdez, Alaska


Dirt/gravel, follows along mountainside, sometimes climbing and dropping with some level sections. Not technical, but requires strengh, stamina. Climbs high at Keystone Canyon then drops back down after exiting Keystone Canyon.


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[Jan 13, 2001]

If you like hell rides this is one for you. Lots of climbing, lots of hills, lots of creeks and many bears. Forget about climbing over Keystone Canyon unless you like to abuse yourself. The ride from the start at the Harris pit to Brown's Creek is 11 miles one way. You will not be able to make it across Brown's Creek most of the summer when the water is high. Heard of hypothermia? You'll have it if you try to cross. If you can't make it across the creek you'll have no choice but to backtrack back to the Harris pit. If you can ford Brown's Creek then you can access the Richardson highway and pop out at mile 12. The ROW over Keystone Canyon is made up of long steep hills, lots of them. If you want, you can push your bike but the ride will take probably 4 hours before you drop back down the other side. There is one hill that you will not be able to ride up and going down it would be dangerous and ill advised. This is an adventure ride for people who are looking for an all day event and love to climb hills.

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Follow the directions given. You can generally park at the Harris pit as long as they are not working.

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