Pillar Mountain - Trail, Kodiak, Alaska

Pillar Mountain - Trail, Kodiak, Alaska


Various single and double track downhill. Rocky and Forested sections, root drops, steep army trails and a maintained road to the summit.


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[Jan 30, 2011]

I used to run the bike shop in Kodiak, kind of the owner's apprentice. In fact, I am taking it over soon and this trail will be rebuilt. There are some AMAZING rides on this mountain. Two in particular.

We set this ride up as a shuttle run, you need to park a vehicle close to white-sands beach (ask the locals if you don't know where). There is a turn off about a mile from the end of the road where people used to play paintball. That's where I park. Then you take you bikes and a truck and go to the top of pillar mountain, there's numerous places to stick a 4x4 by the side of the road.

Towards the east side, there is the beginnings of a trail, this in fact used to be a NORBA trail and all along it there is a ton of awesome man made features as well as natural stuff, the only problem is, that this trail is OLD some of the features are rotted, so be careful!!! Also, it's kind of hard to find. You'll know it if you find it though. Somewhere along it there is a parachute that someone turned into a big party tent. At any rate this ride is unforgettable almost ALL downhill, and lasts forever. 2 runs would probably be way too much for one day. You'll also want a fairly large travel full suspension bike, though I have ridden it (and crashed lots of times) on some old as hell GT hardtails.

Additionally, on the west side of the peak there is basically a snow runoff creek bed that is ridiculously hard to ride. I'm surprised I never had any awful injuries there. But again an amazing and very challenging ride, this one should drop you out close to the airport or the road that goes to anton larsen bay. Depending which route you take. I highly reccomend at least a 6 inch travel bike. And please, if you don't have disc brakes, don't bother.

I wish I could offer more exact directions and will soon, but these trails ARE being worked on to revive them and if you can find them you will get yourself one awesome reward.

Make sure to stop in 58 degrees north, the local bike shop, after your ride. Tim, the owner is rad and can help you get your bike ready for these rides. And if it's a year or so from now, come see me, the owner, and I'll do the same. Good luck, hope you have sturdy wheels!

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