Old Womans Mtn - Trail, Kodiak, Alaska

Old Womans Mtn - Trail, Kodiak, Alaska


You have to really want it if you are going to ride this trail. It starts off as a hike. I am sure some of you out there can ride up this hill, but most of you cant and neither can I. Just remember, that for every uphill there is a downhill, and it does not get much better than this. Push, pull, or carry your bike to the top. It is only about a mile to the top and 1,000 feet of elevation change. Takes about 30min. I have a light daypack and I hook my bike to it and carry it up. Once you get to the top follow the trail to the right, some nice climbs and down hills. The trail is an AVT trail, and is mostly hard packed dirt and gravel. Great views of surrounding bay and mountains. When you get to the far side of the mountain stay right and follow the trail down to the alpine lake. This will be your first taste of the down hills to come. Bomb down this slope because the trail is smooth, but stay back on the saddle because at the bottom there are some rolling bumps that could put you over the bars. Once you make it up the small hill by the lake, check you gear, especially your brakes and helmet becuase now the fun begins. It is all down hill with all kinds of different conditions (water, rocks, grass, dirt, etc) depending when you ride it. The trail is well marked, and there is only one section that I walk down. Watch your speed, it is hard to slow down because of the rocky, loose soil. I like to ride the trail in the late summer early fall because on the steepest downhill section the tall grass brakes your fall if you have to bail. It also does a great job of slowing you down if you get going too fast. Once you get through the meadow downhill be prepared for a semi T intersection. This is Burma Road. Left takes you to Bells Flat; right takes you to the airport. See the review of Burma Road for that trail. Great ride downhill either way you turn. I like to go right; it is a longer ride and finishes closer to your car. If you go left great fast downhill, but longer ride to your car on the highway.


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[Jan 25, 2003]

I rode this trail ONCE, and was rewarded with an intense downhill on the back side of the mountain. I had to walk most of the trail up on the front side, a lot of steep rocky areas the do not allow for any traction. Once at the top you will have a gradual uphill all the way to the lake area. These trails on the downhill side are mostly two track (used mostly by ATV's). I went to the left and down through what appears to be an old river bed. (this is where you can take either the left or right) This will bring you out by one of the creeks in the area that you can stop and cool off in. You can then go out to the road take another left and ride the road to your vehicle. This trail is geared more to those who have a thrill factor higher than most, mainly due to the downhill sections.

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