Burma Road - Trail, Kodiak, Alaska

Burma Road - Trail, Kodiak, Alaska


Steady uphill, over WWII jeep trail, for about 2.5 miles. Lots of rocks, deep puddles and nummerous stream crossings. You will get muddy and wet. (The locals say it is best when frozen) It rained the day we did it, and got very slick. You need to pace yourself, or be able to swallow your lung after you cought it up. The descent into Bell's flat is steep and very rocky. Beware of endo's if you are inatentive. Would not recommend doing this starting from Bell's flat, unless you eat raw red meat for breakfast. Several great views on the way, and the weather in summer is great. (Misty and cool) There is a trail that cuts across the ridge of Old Womens Mt. Intense exertion to the top, and the locals give the descent a skull and cross bones. I would not dissagree with the locals. The buzz back on Rezanof Drive can have a surprising amount of traffic at quitting time. The wind can be out of the northwest with some authority, combine this with some rain and it will leave a lasting impression of Alaska. A must do, to get the classic Kodiak ride.


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[May 31, 2002]

Good ride, not great. I prefer single track. Lots of rocks, little soil in a couple of sections, a couple of stream crossings. The downhill into Bells Flats makes the ride. Nice wide trail for plenty of speed. Have some sort a jungle bell on your bike to let the bears know you are coming. The trail is shaped like a pyramid, with one long, long, long uphill followed by a blast of a downhill. 2/3rds up, 1/3rd down.

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Start at airport side in the parking lot across from the airport entrance, go left once you get to the first yellow gate, go right at the base of Barometer Mt, after that stay on the main trail, and once you get to Bells Flat ride the highway back to the start point. If you have big lungs and big legs you can start in Bells Flat, ride to the end and turn around and ride back to Bells Flat. I did it the first time and vowed never to do it again

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