Campbell Creek Greenway - Trail, Anchorage, Alaska

Campbell Creek Greenway - Trail, Anchorage, Alaska


Campbell Creek Greenway is a four mile long multiuse paved trail. The trail does not present significant grades; however, traveling north to south is less strenuous as Campbell Creek is flowing downhill in this direction. There are 9 wooden bridges crossing Campbell Creek and 5 underpasses including one under the Alaska R/R tracks. The trail crosses Dowling Road 0.62 miles south of the northern trailhead. Use caution crossing this dangerous intersection! The trail skirts Taku Lake at about the halfway mark. Vehicle parking is available at the lake. Taku Lake offers various recreational activities including fishing, swimming, and picnicking. There is a pavilion and large grassy area just past the lake. Salmon fishing is permitted in Campbell Creek in accordance with posted signs. Wildlife sightings, including moose, are commonplace. It is advisable to carry water and perhaps a little tissue paper as there are no public restrooms on the trail. Anticipate encountering fast moving cyclists and rollerbladers. Keep to the right and stay alert and always give moose the right of way!


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[Nov 11, 2012]
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The Campbell Creek Trail actually is about 7.5 miles long with mile zero being by the Walgreens drug store at the intersection of Dimond Blvd and Northwood. Northwood is a stub street/ half block at this point, goes North for a couple of hundred feet and stops at the Trailhead. Northwood continues a quarter mile away to the north via the bike path. The trail is good for the most part in summer. Occasionally there has been flooding issues under the Minnesota Drive bridges but that may be a thing of the past after the flooding of summer 2012. There is construction going on for an underpass at Dowling Rd northeast of Taku Lake and more under the New Seward Highway. Dowling should be in use summer of 2013, New Seward fall of 2013 at the earliest, 2014 possibly. When New Seward construction is complete the Campbell Creek trail will be complete from Northwood/Dimond to the Chester Creek/Alaska Native Hospital end just North of Tudor Rd. Winter of 2012 has proven a real challenge as the fall floods have caused glaciation problems/flooding into November that make for challenging trail conditions changing daily at times. Spring/summer 2013 should be better.

The trail is mostly flat and follows Campbell Creek for the most part so the grade is easy. Can get a bit congested on sunny summer days that follow rainy stretches! Winter is sometimes groomed for skate skiing and foot traffic packs it down eventually between snow falls to make for passable mountain bike/commuting riding. Sometimes kind of pocked due to foot tracks. Fatbikes do fine at moderate to low tire pressures. Normally only one icy spot of any consequence; occasionally the Arctic Blvd tunnel will flood in the Jan/Feb time frame from glaciation of Campbell Creek and produce a 100 feet of pretty glassy ice. Not always, but did fall 2012. Parks and Rec has attempted to sand it with mixed results. At least 8 flooded/icy patches fall/early winter 2012 in the 4 miles from mile zero.

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Access along Dimond Blvd, C Street, Arctic Blvd, Old Seward Highway at Road Runner burger plac, Lake Otis Rd and Waldren, Tudor and Elmore Rds or from Goose Lake/UAA campus.

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