Beerenstieg - Steinerne Renne - Trail, Schierke, Germany

Beerenstieg - Steinerne Renne - Trail, Schierke, Germany


The Beerenstieg trailhead is at the Leistenklippe on the Hohnekamm mountain top.
You can get there:
a) from Schierke-Bahnhof via Spinne, Trudenstein, Bärenklippe (very steep trail uphill)
b) from Wernigerode-Hasserode via Bahnparallelweg to DreiAnnenHohne (easy trail), from there fireroad to Trudenstein, Bärenklippe
c) from Wernigerode-Hasserode via Eschwegestrasse fireroad, Treppensteig fireroad to Hohnekamm and from there a tiny trail carrying your bike about 20min. eastwards to the Leistenklippe.

To name a few. Any of them will take at least one hour uphill.

The trail from Leistenklippe starts very steep and then dives as a flowy singletrack into the woods, big rocks and roots will give you the opportunity to make some jumps as you gather speed. When you arrive on a crossing old doubletrack with big cobblestones, watch out for the red sign where the Beerenstieg leads off of that track! After you have reached the Eschwegestrasse (Hohnestrasse?) fireroad (about 30min downhill from start) go left and after about 5 min turn right on the doubletrack to Karlshaus/Ottofels(signs). Go down for a short rattling fast dowhnhill and dont miss the trail leading off on the right to Karlshaus, pass the Karlshaus hostel on the left and follow a rocky track to the Ottofels (climbing rock), pass through the rocks and when reaching the next fireroad go uphill for about 10 min to the next fireroad (not the little doubletrack!) leading off on the right. When going right on that fireroad keep your eyes open, after some 50 meters there is a little footpath on the left. This will bring you to the GebohrterStein rock, from there gradually going steeper always straight (ignore any crossing fireroad) on to the Steinerne Renne (canyon). When you have jumped down the little stairs there you will probably stop for a second or two to wonder how the next part of the trail can be ridden (not possible if wet). Always follow the trail on the right side down the little stream, until you can ride it again, or ride it completely if you have the guts.

The track widens up to a doubletrack, then fireroad and finallly you will reach Wernigerode-Hasserode on the SteinerneRenne train station, where you may have parked your car or can go back uphill the Bahnparallelweg.


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[Jun 26, 2008]

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