Soul Flowing Round - Trail, Ennepetal, Germany

Soul Flowing Round - Trail, Ennepetal, Germany


Into the wood and follow the trail. When coming into a clearing, chose the path that leads right through it into a fir forest. Nice smooth singletrack at the end. Cross the small "stream" and up the hill. Follow the trail by keeping right. You will eventuall come to a sightseeing spot high above the river and valley below. Go past the small "monument" and take the trail leading up, not down (the trail down is quite challenging and can be taken at a different time...). After a few yards (?) there will be a trail leading right into the forest. Follow this trail through some Birchwoods. Enjoy. Nice Singletrack. At the end take the trail down into the valley. Follow this Fire road until you can cross another stream after like 1 mile, in between two meadows (!!!). Into the fir forest and up the hill. Follow this trail and keep on the left side once again. At the end you should be able to see some buildings. Ride up there and turn right, you should be on a gravel path. Follow this until the end, turn right, ride shortly on a street, up a small hill and eventually you are taken back on the gravel path. At the end, ride down the right side until you are on the vincinity of this small village. On the left will be an OLD cottage, turn onto the path past the cottage and shortly afterwards there will be a path leading down the right. follow it, turn left, down a steep singletrack, cross the stream turn right, straddle up the hill and enjoy a downhill for about 1 1/1 miles of nice singletrack. At the end, near the farmhouse, either follow the street and return to Ennepetal, or ride into the woods via a path just before the bridge (!!!! DO NOT MISS IT!!). Cruise along the river. At the parking place, turn to the house, ride past it, into the wood again, and follow the trail uphill, past the gate until you can turn left. Follow this trail, at the corner turn right and after a few yards you should know the place. Ride down to where you came from earlier, cross the stream and turn left and right. Up the singletrack until you can see stairs and hand rails. Either down (difficult) or up (carrying) to the sightseeing spot. If down, embrace fate, don't crash and follow the trail along the river until you are back at the parking place near the townhall. This is a XC/EasyFreeriding Classic due to sweeeeeet Singletrack. For other possibilities, ie. Dhilling, Xtreme Freeriding and such things, give me a call and we will ride together.


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[Mar 12, 2002]

My favorite is the twisty singletrack on this trail. Have to experience it...
Problems are the access (boring..paved) and some stretches where you can just hammer the big ring...and did I say that some parts of this round are paved as well. Not really long, but paved never the less (Reason for the 4 stars and not 5!).

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Nice round. For Beginners and Advanced alike. Would ride some other stuff as well, just take a GOOD map of the area and you'll discover hundreds of old paths and fire roads that nobody uses any longer.

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As said above, take a good map and go discover your own trail adventure.

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