NoName - Trail, Baumholder, Germany

NoName - Trail, Baumholder, Germany


This is a new trail currently in the making. There are a few sections that were built several years ago by the Baumholder Downhill Junkies. This is an extensive mountain area with multiple interlocking logging roads, some are many years old. The trails are not marked and have been kept secret by the locals. The trail builders plan on gradually adding on and connecting the whole mountain with single track, shutes, and hard hitting downhill sections. This trail has become a means for all of us to get together and build our own home here in Baumholder. If you would like to give it a shot and give some impute, stop by the Baumholder Rod and Gun Club which is also Outdoor recreation. The trail and facility are open to military and local nationals. If you live in the Baumholder area we're looking for help. Remember this trail is new so it's not worth a long drive just to ride.

'Taco Time!' Rusty


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[Aug 12, 2009]
Rusty L
Weekend Warrior

For epic singletrack or downhill, it's not there yet. I've rode the trail many times and have seen some very sweet lines in the works. The local riders are tying in several sections together to blow out in an awsome shute right down to the rock pit. You have to have an idea of what could be while riding this area. These guys know what's goin' on

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Hit up the Outdoor Rec.( the same as Shooters). If you ask about the mtb trails most likely they'll direct you to Rusty. It's easy to ride to from here.

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There are a few jump tracks, but nothing special. The Baumholder Gov. is not very understanding in the fact that they are in a prestine mtb area.

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