sask hospital trail - Trail, north battleford, Saskatchewan

sask hospital trail - Trail, north battleford, Saskatchewan


single track get's tecnicle near the end


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[Jun 12, 2001]
Marc deMontigny

The PEEGEE MAN was named what it is because about 4-5 years ago while building the trail. (which is
still being built and probly won't ever stop) We found a sign that said PEEGEE MAN on it. We put the sign
up in a tree beside a short little down hill. Unlike what otheres have said above, there is Alot more then one
trail out there. For about the middle 5 km you can find tons of trails off the side that wind up and down the
river valley. The Main trail pretty much connects it all , but all the GOOD stuff is off to the side.(hard to
find, without a local) I know cause i made most of it. The original builders were a few guys named Steve,
Derick, Lindsey, and I think jay musthave been there. Then Me and 2 guys named Darcy and Vaughn can
along and put in a bunch of real technical spots off the side. For FLAT saskatchewan these are pretty good
trails. I recomend them to anyone stoping by. But it would be best to stop by Spoke & Pedal on 100th street
and get a local to show you around. The shops phone # is 445-BIKE.

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the directions above are not bad. If you know ther area there are about 4 or 5 other ways to start off. One of
them is a long downhill single track (which is kind of hard to find) but well worth it for a good start to a
good trail.

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