University of Manitoba - Trail, Winnipeg, Manitoba

University of Manitoba - Trail, Winnipeg, Manitoba


University of Manitoba River Trails starts behind the loading dock of the Wallace Building on the North side of the University, on the Red River (NW corner of the University). The trail heads East and the first section goes for about 200 meters behind the Wallace building. When that section ends, proceed through the grassy field, go past the white metal castle by about 100 meters, then the single track trail starts again. The trail then goes for about 10 more minutes of trail outside the farm fields at the University. The trail is currently an out and back. Turn around when you get to the old chicken koop. Takes about 15 minutes to ride one direction.

It is single track trail, hard pack dirt, pretty fast and flowy. Gets muddy when really wet, but drains much better than most Winnipeg river trails. Similar trails to Whittier Park.

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