Ochre River - Trail, Wassagaming, Manitoba

Ochre River - Trail, Wassagaming, Manitoba


24km one way. the description in the park trail guide doesn't give you a very good idea of what is to come. maybe we were just tired, but some experienced locals we know said it was difficult too. starts off with your typical singletrack, pretty rooty, not too bad. the overall grade is downhill, (something like 725ft in the first 13kms) but there are enough challenging uphills that it seems like 50/50. very tiring. lots of bear scat along the way, and we met one on the trail on the way back (it ran away). the downhills are fun, but the trail is VERY bumpy, and near the bottom (11-13 kms in), it gets just plain annoying. full suspension would make this far better. there are about three stream crossings, all ridable. on the way back up you will be in the granny gear quite a bit. strong lungs and quads are recomended on these long, often steep climbs. you've never been so happy to reach a downhill section. to do the whole thing you will need a few hours at least, bring food (keep it wrapped) and tons of water. this is fun, but a workout.


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[Aug 05, 2003]
Weekend Warrior

i basically covered it all in the trail description (i thought that was the review...). if you can get past the sore wrists, legs, lungs, arms, etc. and don't mind roots followed by the bumpiest ground you've ever seen, then you are in for some good downhills, and some very, very rewarding climbs. three chillis seem low, and four seems too high, but i have to pick one. if i could give it a 3.5-3.75, then i would (and i guess i did).

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there are tons. check out the Lake Trail for fun easy singletrack (they're basically all singletrack), J.E.T., Packhorse, Bald Hill for great downhill

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