Bottlecap Trail - Trail, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Bottlecap Trail - Trail, North Vancouver, British Columbia


Muddy at times, many roots, the start is downhill then some cross country, A climb to a nice ridge then you get to ride the ridge and singletrack switchbacks down to the Seymour River, and along it on whats known as the fishermans trail to wherever....


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[Jan 04, 2002]
Kung Fool

The next part is alot of fun as you go up and down and descend a couple of rooty steep sections. After this trail morphs into a narrow singletrack with steep downs. This is as close to skiing as it gets on two wheels. Lots of fun. Near bottom a sharp switchback (stay on the very right) gets you to a small chute that kicks you out on the Fisherman's trail. Go right to get to end of Riverside Drive. Go left if you like fishing or swimming. I think the proper name of this trail is "Bottletop" - not ...cap

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Go up Berkley in North Van till you get to the end. Take a left turn on Hyannis and park at the end of the street. This is the Baden Powell entrance. Continue on this for about 1 km. Resist temptation after 500meters to turn left on a wooden bridge. Continue Right up hill. Keep going up until powerline. A bridge has now been built to help you avoid getting wet by crossing the river. Go up and enter woods on right side. You will find more people exiting here than entering as its the spew-out point for the bottom of Ned's Atomic Dustbin. Go up 100 meters and then go left. A few hunderd meters of this have recently been improved with bridges built over the muck and filth. If you go to the extreme right over the worst mudpit a teeter-totter has been built. At the end of this section you intersect an old logging road. Turn sharp Right and continue on for about 200 meters. Turn left up an embankment. This gets you to the top of the ridge. Continue straight on - avoid temptation to veer left off this (back to powerlines).

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