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ZS44 Angleset!

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I just heard that Cane Creek is going to produce an Angleset that is compatible with my Mach 5! See the quote from Dirt Mag below:


Another word from Cane Creek R&D Director Josh Coaplen:

While reading some of the comments, I noticed that some of you want AngleSet for 44|44 headtubes (1-1/8″ ZeroStack, which has a 44mm upper bore, and a 44mm lower bore). Cane Creek has already developed this and it will be available April 1st. We’re doing 0.5deg change and 1deg change in this configuration. While this is not what Ed is campaigning for, it will meet the needs for some of you…

I love my Mach 5, but would like to slacken the HA to give it a little more AM feel, I was thinking about switching to a RS Rev at 150mm, but was afraid of the higher bb and slacker SA. The -1 deg Angleset should slacken the HA, steepen the SA, and lower the bb slightly. What do you guys think of the Angleset on the Mach 5, will I run into any issues?
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Not a great date to release stuff people have been waiting for.
the-one1 said:
Not a great date to release stuff people have been waiting for.
Agreed, hopefully nobody will be made a full of.
joshdurston said:
Any idea on price?
The anglesets currently for sale list for about $135, not cheap, but not as expensive as a longer travel fork.
44 headtube

44 headtube slackened by 1.5 degrees... :thumbsup:


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Saar G7 said:
44 headtube slackened by 1.5 degrees... :thumbsup:
Sarr - Sent you a P.M.
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