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Please don't be surprised if some are really stoopid....

I had narrowed my search for a fork to the Zoke Z1 Drop Off II (130mm) and the MX Comp w/ETA.

I ride a Giant Warp DS1 '03 and ride mostly long-up-to-go-down trails. I weight 150 fully loaded and I like to climb a lot and go fast down the hill while keeping my tires tracking the soil. I only do drops if they can't be avoided and usually are 2-3 ft but usually at speed.

Which fork would suit best???
Any of those have rebound adjustment (a feature I really love)??
If they don't, do any of those two need it??
Does Zoke includes the Air Pump with the fork??
How big is the packaging they use (I want to get it sent down to Mexico)??

Thanks you all!!
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