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That's right, not another thread bashing the 55 forks!
This commentary is on the 09 55 ATA, not the ATA micro.

Overall I have been thrilled with the fork and have had it almost a month now so I would say is about broken in...
A few major things were fixed from previous versions that should be noted first.
1) ATA - The new system has a mechanism where you must pull the knob to turn and push back then done.
This eliminates (from what I can tell) the previous wind down issues as it’s mechanically not possible.
2) QR20 - The 09 for has a new system where the QR clicks past these small stoppers on the non handle side.
The clicks are very positive and there is no way the TA can back itself out and become loose.
3) Bushing slop - Seems to be none from what I can tell. The seals are also nice and tight like the old days which is great as I prefer them to break in over time.

Yes the fork has TST2, and yes it is still open or locked out, no in-between really. All the people that complain about this can call the whahmbulance about how horrible this is or buck up the extra $300 for the RC3 or TST micro.

The fork is mounted to a Knolly Endorphin and all riding is done on rocky AZ chunk, we have no buff singletrack.
Now that the seals are breaking in the fork is very plush and sometimes I have looked down just to watch it working as I cannot feel ANYTHING on the small stuff.
Cranking down to 130 for the climbs is really nice and I am starting to get used to the 160 on the way down.
The stroke is very well controlled for the damper it has. It moves through the mid stroke a bit quicker than I am used to but I think part of it is getting used to 160 mode.
I am running it at 95 psi right now and cannot bottom the fork, I get all but the last inch of travel. Downhills are really rocky, but only have 2 foot drops at the most.
I will be dropping to 90 this evening and giving it a go to see how it feels, the guidelines in the manual and website are useless.
New shims or RC3 carts may be in order as time goes on but I really don’t feel like they are "needed" right away.

So far so good, and some initial proof that it pays to wait for the second year of a product...

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CharacterZero said:
Who can definitively tell us if their production operations were moved back?

OP - I am happy for you.
It doesn't matter to me if the stuff is made in long as my Marzocchi fork works as advertised. I'm guessin' all Zokie stuff will eventually end up in Taiwan or China, so just give me a properly working fork, just don't don't use kids, slave labor, or put out a dog, cat or rabbit's eye to test 'em & make'em and I'm a happy camper. :cool:

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Great news. I'm hopeful on the '09s and I'm hoping that reports of dampers crapping out decrease. I'd really like to give the 55 RC3 a try.

I really don't care where it's made. I think Asian production has the potential to have better QC than Italy (Something the Italians are not famous for). It's more a matter of communication and diligence in working out the kinks.
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