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Hi guys

I just want to share my experience with my Zipp 3Zero wheelset, I have them since 1 year with me. Everything was fine until this year around March where a creaking noise started in the bike. I started with a full disassembly, bearing check and re grease of pivots (is a SC Megatower), the creaking still. So I started from front to rear trying to figure out what's wrong. Went to the headset, full clean and re grease, the creak still. Bottom bracket, is a SRAM DUB 2 years old but not many distance on it, switched to a Chris King, the creak still. Seat tube and seat rails cleaned and re greased, the creak still. Cleaned completely the RD (it's an AXS X01), the creak still. I switched to a rear wheel DT Swiss Ex1700 with the same casssette to confirm that the noise doesn't come from any other part, the bike doesn't make any creaking. Contacted Zipp, sent a video with the creaking when in the bigger cog the noise start, they replied telling to change bearings and freehub body (which warranty doesn't cover), I changed 1 inner bearing first in the non drive side, creaking still. Changed the other bearing of the non drive side, creaking still. Changed the two bearings in the freehub body, creaking still. So my last resource is change the freehub body for a new one (already requested to a bike shop), and see if the noise disappear (luckily). Any one had this kind of problem?. I just had it once with i9 Torch wheelset and they replied sending a new rear bearing set that fixed the problem, but the freehub was the same, not problem at all. I'm scared that after changing the freehub body now the problem persist, if it happens I will replace it with another brand, maybe i9 or Hope, but the rebuild of the wheelset is what scare me more.

Please let me know if someone have such kind of experience.
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