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If you are someone thinking about building a bike, but don't think you have the mechanical skills, read on: The pictures below are my new Zion 660 built by a guy with less than zero mechanical skills... me. I found it wasn't too difficult as long as you take your time and read the instructions, plus a couple of other references mentioned below.

Initial riding impressions are pretty positive though I haven't taken it to the trail yet. Still, I think it looks pretty cool (mostly likely heightened by the fact I built the thing myself).

The bike comes in right at 27.0 pounds. I was hoping for low 26s or even 25, but I'm sure with a couple of upgrades, I can shave that weight off. The best thing is I know exactly how to upgrade the stuff when I'm ready.

I did weenie out on pressing the headset and cutting the fork. A LBS offered to do that for me in addition to facing/reaming/chasing the frame all for $35, so I took them up on it.

First upgrade will be to get rid of the water bottle holder and go with a hydro backpack instead. I don't like the look of the holder on the bike.

Enjoy the pics and any questions or comments welcome (even the bad ones)

Zion 660 frame
Manitou R-Seven Platinum fork
Chris King NoThreadset
FSA Afterburner MegaExo crankset
SRAM PG-991 cassette - 07
SRAM X.9 rear derailleur - 07
SRAM X-Gen Front derailleur - 07
SRAM X.9 shifters - 07
SRAM PC-990 chain
Thompson Elite Seatpost
Thompson X4 stem, 100mm 10-degree rise
FSA XC-190 handlebars
Mavic Crossmax Enduro Disc wheels
Panaracer Fire XC Pro tires (Japan version)
Avid Ball Bearing Seven disc brakes
Avid Speed Dial 7 brake levers
Terry Fly Cromoly seat

Zinn & The Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance - Lennard Zinn
Bicyle Maintenance and Repair - Todd Downs
Park Tools website - (lots of good hints here)
Component manuals
These forums (of course)

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great job! you put some very nice parts on there and did a good job.

and now you know how to fix your bike when it breaks or goes out of adjustment. congrats!
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