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Just figured I would post up a couple pics of my Zeus when I built it up new last year compared to my rebuild that I completed today. As you can see pretty much every part has been changed throughout its life and it seems to finally be set up just about right now.

Current build is...
Frame 16"/18" mango tango
Works Components 1.5 degree headset, 65.5 degree head angle now
Rockshox Pike solo air fork
Enve AM rims
I9 Torch mango hubs
Shimano Zee brakes 8"f 7"r
KS Lev 150mm seatpost
Chromag seat
Spank pedals
Easton Havoc carbon bars
Easton Haven 55mm stem
Sram XO1 drivetrain
Tires change for riding areas
Pushed shock

Currently a skoosh over 29lbs ready to ride


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mx racer, Awesome looking bike. The Zeus is a fun bike to throw around for sure.

My Zeus has has some changes over the last 1.5 years.

TALAS is gone and I converted to Float. Sooooo much buttery better.
Last October added the Lev 150. Why did I wait that long?
Last October added Chris King PF30 BB. Like having another gear.
Last week changed out the Pacenti for Nox AM rims. So far so good.
Currently running DHF and Highroller II. Tires also seem to change a bit.
Still rocking the 2x10 and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It just works for me.


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Hey mxracer. I noticed you went with a custom 16/18 Zeus and an angle headset. Any thoughts on the angle headset vs going with a custom head angle?

I currently have an X-5 set up with 6" rockers and have been tossing around a trade in toward a Zeus. At the very least, I'd go with a custom shorter seat tube length and top tube length.To complicate things, this weekend I had the opportunity to throw a leg over a Knolly Warden, I have to say, I liked the bike. I wonder if Ventana would be up for knocking off the Warden geo?
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