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Z150 too big?

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i got a Haro 8.3 and i came stock with a DJ2 110mm travel and i want a good freeride fork.
i was looking at the Z1 and Z150s. the z150s with eta look like they would work good. but would 150 slacken the headtube too much for DH cuz its already kinda slack.
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the Z150 would for sure handle the pure dh stuff a little better because of the valving, but would also significantly slacken your steering angle. but i use a 110mm dj1 and throw down on it. works like a champ. it's practically the same fork as the dj2 except for the external rebound on the dj1. the dj2 could easily be more than enough fork......
its great for urban but around my land every trail is so kind of rockgarden of some sort and the DJ2 just doesnt cut it. i mean i thought it did compared to my original roc shox. but i tried out my friends older HT with like an older Z1 and it was like night and day. maybe my forks not setup correctly but from what ive heard DJs dont doe DH.

and anywas cant i just send my fork into marzzochi and they give me discount on a new SC fork? am i right or is that just BS
I agree and that is what I did... it is fine. It makes the bike better. Do it.
did you do the fork trade in thingy? i wanted to know how much money i could save doing that.
Hardtail W/ Marzocchi Z150

Here's a pic of my hardtail with a Marzocchi Z150 , great fork for urban, DH, some jumping .
I also use the ETa when I ride skatparks to stiffen the travel and reduce the ride height.
It's the stiffest fork I have ever ridden . I love mine , now even more since Ronnie gave it some factory love.
If you ride more trails and weight is a issue go for the Z 1freeride qr20 , It has the HSCV damping cartrige that work a bit better for high/low speed bumps it also weighs almost 2 pounds lighter than the Z150 .
Can't wait to get my 66rc in September and see the differnce , the samples I have ridden feel better than any other single crown fork on the market.


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My beast with the Z and numerous other mods....

No I did not trade it in, I am going to use my old fork on another bike (dj/urban).
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z150 is nice :()


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Evil ass forkage for sure.


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